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Welcome to Premium E Products where you are going to have access to the best e-cigarettes, E Liquids and E Pods on the market. If you are like me you have had to wondered if there are better prices on e-products than I see in the stores? The answer is a big YES! I find the best at the best prices and I deliver them to as many people as I can!


I am a beautiful man who has lived an amazing life where I have traveled a lot. I lived in Phoenix, San Diego, Miami, and Atlanta. There were a few other littler cities but I never lasted in the smaller cities, perhaps they reminded me of the small Iowa town I ran away as soon as I could.

For me life was one adventure after another. I was lucky enough to meet many famous people like Madonna and Elton John but I must admit I was being the life of the party that I had to be reminded I even spoke to them. I was even told that one reaching to shake Elton hand I missed his hand. Hit him in the chest and almost knocked him into the pool.

For all the effort to escape the mid-west I ended up back here. Fate brought me back to the mid-west and I have been living in Omaha Nebraska for the past ten years. Omaha is actually a pretty great town with lots to do.

Well If I am sharing my story I should share the part that isn’t really all that amazing. Six and a half years a team of doctors diagnosed me with severe bi polar manic depressive and sentenced me to a life of ECT or in laymen s terms electron shock therapy. I started out with two treatments a week to where I am today at once a month. Maybe GOD gave me so much fun early because of how the later years have turned out.

This is being created because I refused to let this disability win! I am back to living an amazing life again!


Helping people pay less for their e product supplies would be a way I could play something good forward. Convenient store prices for e products are crazy high.

People deserve a fair price for vaping has a lot of haters no one cares if they are getting gouged. My hopes is that we stick to the man and the haters. I will end by saying I am not here to get you to vape only to make it more cost-efficient if you do!


First and Foremost helping people find a more cost-efficient way to Vape! I’ve lives the bottom economic percentile and for me saving money on products I use daily is a way of life. And of course maybe getting out of the bottom economic percentile.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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