Best Disposable e-cigs – To Help You Quit!

smok novo
SMOK NOVO Disposable E-cigarettes


Best Disposable E-cigs To Change Your Life!

Quitting smoking has never been easy, especially since many people have tried every stop method out there only to failed. I know I have been attempting it all lozenges, gum, patched, even a couple of those voodoo cures I found online.

The thing is all these did not satisfy my nicotine addiction. But what if there was an option? There are several e-cigarette brands which are offering different nicotine levels in the form of vapor.  So, you can find the best alternative to cigarettes in disposable e-cigs which have been trending these past few years. it gives more choices to smokers wanting to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Choosing the best disposable cig can be difficult because you cannot be sure about the nicotine levels. For me, I impulsively grabbed what looked stylish and came in my favorite color. Disposable cigs allow you to try vaping without costing you an arm and a leg. Starter kits would be the next economic step, but that is a subject for another article.

Just last week, I received a Juul brand from my friend who manages a convenience store, and I received a SMOK NOVO in the mail. So once I get a chance to vape them, I will share with you, I discovered.

Mighty Mint Stig

Mighty Mint Stig lives up to its name by delivering an icy spearmint hit that even fans of sweeter ejuices can appreciate. Menthol fans will love the powerful punch and flavor of the discrete Stig. The Stig may be the easiest way to vape, but it does not come at the expense of the vaping performance mods. The taste and overall vaping experience easily match devices twice as large. With a 6% salt nic, it will satisfy

STIG-Lush Ice Vapor Pods

your vaping needs.

The STIG is a revolutionary all in one disposable pod device designed to be a rewarding alternative to cigarettes. It is an excellent solution to those seeking to start living a smoke-free life, but are maybe apprehensive about vaping. With the STIG Pod, your vaping experience, I made carefree and straightforward as it is entirely accessible to any adult wanting to quit smoking.


smok novo

The SMOK NOVO disposable e-cigs are a part of the disposable e-cig market. SMOK is a part of just about every niche in the vaping world; They have every size mod from beginners to advance. It has gained popularity in no time at all.

It is one of the best-tasting e-cigs. It offers many flavors, including Classic Tobacco, Grape Gusher, and Menthol with different nicotine levels. And it just so happen I received mine in the mail last week I am trying smoke what ejuice I have left in current tanks, It is called a super tank, and it is big and takes me a while to vape all the ejuice in it.

NJOY Daily Disposable

NJOY daily is an excellent option for newbies. If you want to try vaping without spending much, then NJOY is the best disposable e-cig to start your vaping journey. It is economical and offers 300 puffs with two nicotine levels. It has a mild throat hit with nicotine levels of 45mg to 60 mg.

You have the choice to choose from ten flavors and two tobaccos. It can be the best alternative to your daily nicotine dose.

Blu Disposables

Blu ecig
Blu e-cig Pack

Blu is a reliable and famous e-cig brand with a strong history of providing the best disposable e-cigs. Blu offers six flavors and 45mg of nicotine level. It gives a smooth experience for beginners who want to shift their smoking habits from cigarettes to flavored e-cigs. With an LED tip and 400 puffs in a smart disposable device, blu has always been a favorite among those who vape.

Smart Vape XEN Disposables

Finally, I had to share a bargain it sounds like its an online vapor shop personal brand. Adult smokers have been transitioning to dessert flavored vape juices for years and making the switch has been made easy with the Mojo Lemon Dessert disposable vape pod device.

Nothing is confusing about using a Mojo. Just take it out and take a pull of this exquisite 5.0% nicotine vape juice. Enjoy the lemon cake flavor, a vibrant blend of zesty lemon, creamy vanilla notes, and sugary sweetness. You won’t believe how much flavor Mojo packed into this disposable device, and with 1.2ml of nicotine salt ejuice, the Mojo is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

Wrapping Up

Disposable e-cigs are trending because they are the best alternative to cigarettes. So, when you are ready to make the switch try a disposable or two. You know I will bring up being thrifty with your spending, so be sure to move into a beginner starter kit before you start spending all those dollars. An eGo vapor starter kit would be a natural move from disposable ecigs.  The eGo and EVOD brands are cost-effective and will work correctly for someone who’s living on a budget.

Remember, always remember to check the nicotine level before buying any ejuice or disposable cigarettes. I would love to hear from you, so please your comments below.


Take Care

John Adkins

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  1. Thank you John! I am definitely referring a few people I know to your post. They need to know there’s a light out – that they can quit and lead healthy lives.

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