How to use a Pen Style Vape Mod?


How to use a Pen Style Vape Mod?

pen style Nunchaku KitPen-style vapes are popular for consuming concentrates, like vape juice oils. The pen-style vape mods are relatively new. Although similar in looks to most starter kits but with the power of the box mods. Every day, different models are made available in the market. Therefore, it is not surprising if you are not sure how to use a pen-style vape mod.

There are varieties of pen-style vape devices to choose from in the market. Some are disposable and come with a preloaded type of concentrated vape, while others are not loaded and will need to be filled manually with vape juice. Meaning you have the choice to fill it with the type of vape juice you want. Similarly, they are also reusable.

Pen-style vapes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes – such as rectangular shapes, cylinders, and boxes with tanks. Some pen-style vape models likewise feature display screens, variable voltage settings, interchangeable components or cartridges, Bluetooth synchronization, etc.

For my tastes, I prefer the pen style vapor mod because I like their style, shape, and discrete qualities. The fit in the purse and pocket without a struggle remember the price of a pen-style vape mod depends on the factors like power, size, shape, and other extra features. In this article, we will tell you: how to use a pen-style oil vape mod. Keep reading this post to get the most out of it!

Choosing the right temperature

As fa as the pen-style vape mod, the right temperature is the essential factor. Simple pen vape kits with basic features are most popular among starters and minimalists.

vaping pen diagram

These devices don’t have the feature of variable heat setting. It is vital to understand that they come reprogrammed to heating – at the most optimal temperature for oil or other concentrates. The temperature, by standard, is 350-420 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are using a model that has a variable voltage feature or setting, the temperature then depends on the connected attachments and the desired outcome. If you vape at lower temperatures – i.e., between 315 and 345 degrees Fahrenheit, you will achieve a wispy, thin, flavorful, and smooth vapor.

Moreover, for a denser, fuller, and hard-hitting vapor, you need to choose a higher temperature – i.e., between 345 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are trying out a new concentrate or pen for the first time, it is advisable to choose a lower temperature setting to prevent scorching and coil burning.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Oil vape pens are popular because they offer quick and easy cleanup. It is believed t the primary reason why the vaping community favors pen-style vapor mods. Most of the time, it doesn’t require cleaning at all.

Many people want to keep the vape exterior beautiful by giving it the wide down – of course, occasionally. Also, don’t use water or any harsh chemicals to clean the pen-style devices. Not to mention their style and discrete that fits comfortably in your purse or pocket.

All you need is a “lens wipe.” Some pen-style devices come pre-moistened with alcohol, which works very well and also dries quickly. For me, I like to use a lens wipe beside I have a massive box of them since I wear glasses part-time.

Charging a pen-style vape mod

You must purchase a vape mod that comes with a charger – because it will be the most compatible charger. When you first buy a vape pen, it will require charging before you use itpen style charger kit

There come two powering versions of pen mods, some with external batteries that you charge and replace the dead battery cells to which you recharge the dead batteries. Then there are the devices with internal batteries that you will load with a charge with a USB charger. I prefer charging with the USB charger.

It is always recommended you to follow the instruction in the manual – and leaving the pen-style vape to charge for the suggested time. Remember not to overcharge the vape mod, especially overnight – because this will harm or weaken the battery over time.

For the device preservation, the best advice I can give you be that first and foremost, allow your battery to run out fully. Once your battery is entirely out of charge, this is the right time to charge your device. I have been vaping with the eGo brand for years, so I think I have an eGo charger for every room of the house.

Wrapping It Up

Well now that we know how to use a Pen Style vape mod let us think of a few reasons why I or anyone would prefer this kind of device. The pen-style mod kits are stylish, compact, deliver shy high consistent clouds, and discrete. If you’ve come from a starter kit, chances are you would come from a pen-style device which means you are familiar with its weight and size.

Box Mods are also remarkable in their ways, go to this link to see how!

Be sure to follow the links to some of my specific brand reviews pen-style mods. Also, send me your questions and comments below.

Thank you and take care of yourself!




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  1. Hi John, love your article about Pen Style Vape Mods! I haven’t used one yet but have been thinking about trying one to ease stress. Now the thing I kinda worry about is the heat. The heat temperatures you have mentioned kinda scare me lol. Is it possible to burn yourself at these higher heat temperatures? Sorry if this is a silly question, like I said I haven’t tried using one yet.

    1. Hi Gal,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. I understand your fears but if you are starting out vaping all your mods will be regulated. They should have internal batteries and their called starter kit.
      I have several starter kits and pod starter kits, and I could not burn myself if I tried. I would suggest that you start with a starter kit. Most start at 5.78 up to 20.00 with a few that go higher, but I would ignore those for now.

      But in case you want to go full power with a dual battery mod then be sure to read the manual on battery maintenance. Most people are into vaping for a year two before jumping off that bridge. Take it from me; you will fall in love with an eGo Spinner Vision. The run between 15.00 and 19.00 and unlike other starter kits you can adjust the wattage.

      Thank you again, Gal!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!


  2. Hi John, I’m not a smoker so I don’t use Pen Style vappers..but I’ve seen them a lot lately so I was interested what they are and how they work. I didn’t know you have a different temperature options, this sounds really cool and I guess people could consider it healthier than regular smoking?

    Love the first picture, it really sets the mode. Oh and also, I found font to be a little small and harder to read for me..



    1. Hi Katya,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! I am glad to hear that you are not a smoker. Vaping was developed to help people with a nicotine-induced tobacco addition. I kicked a thirty-year-old smoking cigarette addiction by using vapor starter kits and then moved on from there lower my nicotine when I could.  

      I will keep it short because I can go all day and night on this subject. This site is an excellent site to find stats on smoking.https://therealcost.betobaccof… the information is staggering. Now, here’s a good article on smoking vs. vaping: 
      Remember vape juice is made up of four components all are FDA approved for food additives. Plus nicotine, but unlike the smoker, the customer controls the amount of nicotine that gets placed in the vape juice.

      Thanks again, Katya!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!


  3. Another very interesting overview you have written up here concerning vaping mod that involves pen. I actually started with this form of gaping and I can boldly say that it helped me a lot by presenting itself as a better option compared to cigarette. However, the ease it comes with when cleaning is a great added advantage to it. The cleaning is so much easier and I did enjoyed my time making use of the pen before I upgraded to the box. 

    1. Hi RoDarrick

      Thank you again and again for reading and commenting on my articles! I didn’t think this article was your speed since you have moved on to “The Box Mod” lol! There are more and more pen devices coming out every day with 80W and higher for power.

      I think they would be a good transition mod for when you have worn out your starter kit but not quite ready to take the plunge into the big boy mods. You’ll get a kick out of this: I got the Juul dispensible kit, and I cannot get through the first pod because it chocks me. It’s the highest level of nicotine, but I wouldn’t think. That was a wasted fifty bucks!

      Thanks again, RoDarrick!

      Cheers. And take care of yourself!


  4. Hi, your post is unique and educating, I admit that I don’t know how to use pen style Vale mod, a friend told me about it 3 month ago, your website is the another source that I am getting full details about it with the method on how to use it, I will share your post in my social media so that my friends and family to can learn more about your website.

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! I hope I answered your questions on how to use a pen-style vape mod. I will confess they are so easy to use; it was tough finding enough words to make it a great article.

      Thanks again!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!


  5. This is a really good guide that teaches exactly how to use pen-style vape mod. They are really neat, compactable and discreet. It’s weight and size really outstanding and way better. I really appreciate this guide, now I know everything that I need to about vape pens. What would you recommend as being the best vape pen out there?

    1. Hi Alex!

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! For me, the best changes weekly. Good article for that question 

      Now, if you’re just getting started, I would recommend eGo Vision Spinner because it has always been my fall back vapor starter kit. I also had great luck with the SMOK Nuvo, which is a pod system.

      Read over the above article and if you are looking for something with more power:

      I would need to know more about where you are in your vaping journey to come up with specific choices.

      Thank you again, Alex!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!


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