Premium Vapor Starter Kits – Advanced and Beginners

adult cute vapeStart your vape experience with premium vapor starter kits which are affordably priced for both the beginner as well as feature-rich for the advanced Vapors. If you like simplicity and want to get right to vaping, one of the more inexpensive eGo vapor starter kits might be for you. There is also a single pen Vision Spinner kit that gives you the extra feature of adjusting the voltage to provide you with either a stronger or weaker throat hit.

I live on a budget, so I mostly vape out of my eGo Vision Spinner. I just found it in a box a week ago, and I pulled it out and vaped all day. The device sat in a box for at least seven years, and it still works like a champ. The expensive vapor starter kits are fun, but it’s also important to know that when it comes to vapor starter kits, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a started.

The economically priced kits don’t have extremely high wattage, which is sometimes better for those who are just beginning. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t get the job done or create the best vaping experience. They do!

The Advanced Vapor Starter Kits do offer some great features that for some people may add style with high-end wattage features, that allow the person vaping to control weaker or stronger vape hits.




Cheap Vapor Starter Kits

eGo vapor starter kits are great options for beginners with minimal setting and adjustment options. They’re usually a bit smaller, which is a benefit when you’re just starting. It took me some getting use too in the beginning. They are very portable, simple, and usually, feature only one button.

For these devices, the actual battery cell is typically internal and requires only a simple charger cord when its time to recharge the batteries. I use an extra cell phone charger because the charging cords are USB. My personal experience is that my cheap vapor starter kits charge very quickly.Black Lady Vaping

Because of the simplicity of these devices, they typically do not have any wattage or power adjustments. So you wouldn’t be able to turn the power up or down to get a stronger or weaker hit. The only pen style adjustable device is our Vision Spinner. And I will talk more about the Vision Spinner below.

Whether you’re looking for a beginner e-cig starter kit or just an easily portable vape device, you really can’t go wrong with the eGo vapor starter kit!


Best Vapor Starter Kit

When I say that the Vision Spinner pen vaporizer is the best,  I better be able to show some facts as to why!

So to start, the pen vapor kits are the smartest as they are stylish as well as being conveniently smaller than many of those mods out there.  Some of them you have to take a second look to make sure their mod isn’t their cell phone! I am by no means putting down the mods because they do have some great features.

One of those features is wattage control and guess what? The Vision Spinner is the only pen vaporizer that also gives the functionality to adjust the wattage for stronger or weaker hits. As mentioned above, I have real proof that it is a fantastic pen vapor kit. So I’m digging through some boxes I haven’t touched in at least seven years.

It was boxes of unopened eGo, EVOD, and Vision Spinners  Starter Kits. I hoped to give them away to those of you who need them. I won’t go into it in too much detail, but the skinny is I was going to build a website and become an online Vape Store. Unfortunately, I got sick which interfered with those plans.

Anyway, I found a Vision Spinner, and after at least five years of storage, the Vision Spinner had enough charge to vape me out for a half a day! Finally, the Vision Spinner will not break the bank, I have found them for only $14.79. The great thing about the vaping world is you don’t have to break the bank to be Premium!

ego vaporizers
eGo Vapor Starter Kits


I have 2 or 3 boxes, maybe more but let’s say 2 so that I don’t give the impression that there’s more than there may be. When I decided to do this website, I wanted to figure out a way to help people that needed a vapor starter kit but couldn’t afford one at the moment.

That said I am reaching out to the community for ideas on how I can give away these eGo vapor starter kits. What I worry about the most is one won’t work and how will I afford to ship them out. Especially if I find myself with lots of takers too soon, but I would like to take part in doing something awesome like give them away for free.

I don’t have a complete inventory, but I know there are eGo, EVOD, and a few that have a big dollar price tag! Hopefully, I will get ideas from the community!

Advanced – Box Mods

Black man VapingBox Mods is just merely referring to the device that is powering your tank, vaporizing that yummy liquid and allowing you to vape. I have always associated the Mods with the “Vape the World” guys and gals!

If it gets its name from typically being in the shape of a box, box mods have quickly surpassed the stick devices in popularity among Advance vapors, specifically for all the features, the looks, and the long battery life they can provide.

Be sure you always review the listing that’s provided with all the features and specifications of the Mod Box, If you are the lucky one some even have video reviews available to watch and learn. Mod Box’s will cost more than the pen vapors starter kits, but if your looking for more power so that you can “Vape the World” you will be at home with the Mod Box! I will get into more details with the Mod Box when I get one which will be soon, and I will be sure to give you a full report.


Let’s wrap it Up!

The most important thing to remember is that in the vaping world you don’t have to spend a lot to get a Premium vapor starter kit!  If you are a beginner, stop spending a small fortune at the local stores.

You can get an eGo starter kit for $5.89 and an EVOD for $6.75 and my favorite pen the Vision Spinner II for only $14.79 online. Research is done online every day, so join me in getting Premium low-cost E-Products!

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  1. Thanks for the great article John. I am also a vaper and I’m with you. I also still use a Vision Spinner. It has the best flavor of most of the smaller pens. I smoked for 40 years before finding vaping 3 years ago. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. For real. Thanks again.

  2. Hi, 

    I have never used a vapor kit, but am interested in trying it. The Vision Spinner seems like it would be a good one to start with, especially as it isn’t too expensive. As a first timer, would you recommend that I took my first hit with the power turned down, or would it be a boring first experience?

    1. Thank you, Tom! I had to start at a lower wattage, especially if you are going with a mint type flavor because it will choke you. I have had some of those mint flavors, and I love them, but I tend to go medium power. For a beginner, I would go low at first and gradually get to high power. That’s what’s great about the vision spinner, you start low and have somewhere to go without buying a new mod. Thanks again for taking the time to read my article.

  3. Very insightful John, 

    I’m new to vaping but I recently got a Dagger mod as a gift and now I’m in the middle of finding my favourite flavour. I’ve been trying out nearly 20 flavours but I still couldn’t find the right one that matches my soul, how long did it take you to find yours? The vision spinner looks rad! Definitely better for events compared to my bulky Dagger Mod, I’m excited to try it out! Does it cotton, or disposable tanks?

    1. Thanks for your questions and comments! As for as flavors I vaping a strong mint that I had to switch the tank onto a start kit eGo just because it was choking me. The mint base will do that sometimes. Then I am also testing out a  peach apple paradise, I got lucky and it wasn’t too sweet. Fruit and Desserts are great if you can find one not so sweet and mint based juices are good but they can be pretty strong. But if the mint seems to strong or chokes just lower the power and that will fix the issue. I wish I knew something to share but I am playing caught up on mods there so many which to chose? Part of the fun about vaping is there will always be something to research and play with. Thanks again Raiz!

  4. The ego vapor starter kit is the one I found will suit me best. Which flavor can I get with it? Or can I order any of my choices?

    I think the beauty of vapor is the different flavors that you do not always get with a traditional cigarette.

    I am interested in the giveaway, I am waiting for more details on the mod box.


    1. Thank you for reading my article and leaving a comment. I would be happy to send you an eGo starter kit I have them just sitting around doing no one any good. I believe my email is provided but just case you can’t see it I will provide it here in the message.

      Now with flavors, you will have to do what we all do and test as many as we can until we find a favorite. I was on the web last night and they had 12000 flavors. My advice take advantage of the bundles’ deals, you get either 3,4, or 5 flavors somethings for the price of one. 

      Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon and I will get an eGo out in the mail. 

      Take Care


  5. Hi, John.
    Your article on vapor starter kits is full of relevant information. Thanks for the detailed writing.
    I have always seen vapors in the movies and never seen them in real time among my friends. So I would love to experience vaping.
    My one innocent question – As I have never been to any kind of vaping, is it advisable to try vaping?
    How it is going to enrich my life experience?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. Your question is a tough one; I vape because I needed some help to quit a 30-year cigarette smoking addiction. If you have never had an addiction to nicotine, I would recommend that you research vaping as a lifestyle. 

      If the lifestyle interests you then I suggest you vape the ejuice that doesn’t have any nicotine in it. For when you purchase ejuice online, there will be a dropdown for the customer to choose which level of nicotine they would like, pick zero. Nicotine is an addictive chemical, and I could recommend someone to start something they could become addicted to after they started. 

      But it is a lifestyle, and there are options to vape and stay nicotine free!

      Thank you again!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!


  6. I have not had any vaping experience, but I have friends who have preferred this to the traditional way of smoking. I wonder why some of them are very particular about the colors of their vapor kits and their make which makes me remember why the “haves” take time to choose the make of a car they are going to drive.

    This is a great review which has given any person who can be choosy concerning his or her vaping journey.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my article.  Something important to know is vaping is a lifestyle maybe even a subculture. I have friends that name their box mods and talk to them like they’re real people. Nothing too insane, just short comments. 

      I am glad to hear your friends choose to vape over smoking because it is a much safer way to go. The box mods are super cool, but I always tell those who are just starting to try one of the starter kits. 

      Thank you again!

      Cheers. And take care!


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