Regulated Box Mod Kit- powerful and reliable

Regulated Box Mod Kit- powerful and reliable

If you’ve been into vaping for quite a long time now and are looking to move on to the next level, then a regulated box mod kits, powerful and reliable, are the obvious next step. Your vaping experience is fully customized with these vaping devices. Besides the fact that the Regulated Box Mod Kit is way too easy to use and maintain. There are countless built-in features and a lot more reasons to buy a regulated mod. They will burn your vape juice perfectly!

There are all types of styles, shapes, and sizes with different specs and features; ensuring that no matter what your vape style is, there is a perfect mod for you. By pairing a separate mod and tank, you can fully customize the vaping experience to your liking. New devices are added regularly to the market, so don’t forget to be diligent so that you always caught what new vape mods that are released each week.

What is Regulated Box Mods

Regulated vaping devices are a type of Box Mods that incorporates an electronic chip with circuitry to regulate wattage or voltage delivered to the atomizer. A regulated mod is a device that contains a circuit board to Cigalikes, most vape pens, and the majority of box mods are all regulated. Any device that has a variable voltage or wattage setting is a regulated device as well.

Regulated devices come with a lot of awesome features that we will get to in just a few moments. One of the best is quite cool because all the relevant information, settings, and available functions used are displayed right on an LCD screen. Ok, I am getting ahead of myself, see the features section below.

Features & Advantages or Regulated Devices

LCD SMOKTemperature Control: Many advanced Regulated Devices allows full control of the temperature to find your perfect vaping experience. Regardless of the type of coil your mod has, controlling the temperature, helps you to avoid harsh dry and burnt hits when you don’t have enough e-juice in your tank. With this feature, you can adjust the settings accordingly for warmer or cooler vapor output.

LCD or LED Display Buttons: This feature varies significantly from one device to another. However, with the LCD screen, you can see the readout of what OHM load you’re working with, and the number of puffs you’ve taken, battery charge level, and you can set proper resistance, volt, and wattage settings. With some advanced models, it would also help you to determine the best settings for your atomizer and adjust them automatically for you.

Control & Safety: Regardless of what type of Regulated Mod you have, there must be at least one integrated circuit that can help you to control wattage and voltage. Built-in safety features to protect against, overheating, incorrect battery installation, short -circuits, over-current conditions, and more. There is complete protection against accidental fires inside the pocket or purse.

Difference between Regulated & Mechanical Mods

Unregulated or mechanical mods allow for more significant throat hits and more substantial clouds, they can be costly and require a lot of attention in coil replacement alone. Since you get the full power ofProton Box Mod your batteries with every hit, you will burn through your vape juice more quickly, and you will be replacing your coils more often.

Regulated box mod kits are powerful and reliable! The regulated device is well suited for both the casual and seasoned cloud king and queens as it meets the need of every vaping experience.

The unregulated or mechanical mods are explicitly made for the advanced cloud-kings and queens out to vape the world. People who love to rebuild their mod and who want More Power and Monster clouds. But always keep in mind unregulated devices do require more attention.

So, if you don’t have comprehensive knowledge of mods electrical systems for and aren’t really in the mood to learn, I feel my brain is full, and I don’t think there is room for much more. That and the styles of the regulated devices have already captured my heart. I already have a list of regular mod kits that are on my “to buy” list.

Bottom Line

Before buying any box mod, whether regulated or non-regulated, do know your preferences, like the number of clouds you want to exhale. The bigger the cloud, the more power you’ll need. Remember too, that you only need to purchase the power that you need. Don’t buy a $120.00 280W mod when you are just coming off a starter pen kit.

There is a wide variety of mods out there, and the most prominent common mistakes myself and my friends make are that when jumping on mods we aren’t for, all mods give you there wattage, my suggestion is to start at around 50W to 80W when coming off your first starter kit. Regardless of which box mod you choose, don’t forget the vape juice!

I would hate it if someone bought a device with 280W power before they were ready. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want you ever to buy Big Power, know when you are ready. As always, please share your questions and comments below.

Thank you, and take care of yourself?




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  1. Great info on vape mods!  I vape myself and I didnt know any of this info, well other than the name of my mod. I know wattage is important but a mod’s safety features are most important . I also heard that batteries if not properly changed in time can cause overheating to your mod. Thank you for the advice and guidance.

    1. Hi Joseph.

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! What type of box mod you have? I will always be reviewing box mods, pen style mods, starter kits, so be sure to come back.

      Thanks again, Joseph!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!


  2. In all honesty, I started vaping to quit smoking and I cannot say less about how effective it has worked for me. But the problem there is that I want more than just the Vape pens alone. So, I got to know about the regulated box mods and it seems like a whole lot of better idea compared to the pens. Being a starter into this, I will go by your suggestion of buying lesser box mod qnd get used to it before upgrading. I really found this post very helpful. Please do you have a suggestion of how I can get quality mod product

    1. Hi RoDarrick,

      It’s nice to see you back. Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! I am glad you enjoyed my article. Your question on how to pick your next mod is hard to answer. I can only speak for myself, and I made the colossal mistake of buying too much power before I was ready for it. 

      I guess the only way I can answer that question honestly is to share what’s on my wishlist, and that would be the 

      Tesla Steampunk Nano 120W Box Mod

      VooPoo Drag 157W Box Mods

      And if the wattage is higher than you think you need, then I would try out the ELeaf IPower 80W Box Mod.

      Here is a direct link to all these and more. I have shopped this retailer several times and trust them…

      Thanks again and take care of yourself!

      John Adkins

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