SMOK Baby Beast Kit: A Great and Flexible Choice

smok v8 baby beast
SMOK Baby Beast Full Kit

SMOK Baby Beast Kit: A Great and Flexible Choice

SMOK prides itself on its premium quality, affordability, and long-lasting products. SMOK Baby Beast Kit is one of the company’s best choice for beginners as well as advanced vapers.

Perhaps, you’re unaware of what sets SMOK Baby Beast Kit apart from the competition. Maybe, it sounds like a new brand to you. But the good news is that, for years, their products have been accessible in the market. SMOK with its devices impressive features and quality, and stylish design have created a buzz in all corners of the globe since 2010.

SMOK vape is a Shenzen-based vaping company that has quickly risen to the top of the vaping industry. In its early days, the SMOK brand was notorious for introducing the first dual-coil cartomizer to the industry.

Today, they are one of the most forward-thinking vape companies in the world – with their research and development team consistently deliver innovations to drive the industry forward.

Because you may not have much knowledge about the SMOK devices, you might be hesitant before making a purchase. In this article, I will attempt to give you everything you need to know about this device. So that you can make your purchase with confidence.

Easy to Carry or Tuck Away

An excellent vaping kit shouldn’t be bulky, for those times it needs to be stored away, and hard to carry, some mods make you feel like your holding a football. If you have ever gone to a concert or sporting event, then you know that you can only vape outside the event which means you are carrying your device in your pocket for a long time.

And it makes things worse if you are a jumper at these events.  In my eyes, good vaper’s should always be compact and stylish! I think of them as buying a watch. They should be light and easy to transport, and this device will be your best bet! Whether you go hang out with your friends or having some alone time on a beach, or in the park, this device is going to satisfy your needs!

Cheaper but with SMOK Quality 

SMOK makes some of the best box mods on the market, and they have one of the best reputations of any box mods manufacture. So when they came out with this pen mod kit and priced it under $30.00, well lets put the word Amazing into our conversation! This device is stylish as well as has many high-quality features. rhast green baby beast

And it won’t put a massive dent in your bank account. It is sure to remain functional year after year giving the SMOK reputation. This device will give you years of vaping pleasure. And if you are a heavy vapor King or Queen and burn out a coil, there are replacements for around $12.97.

The fact that SMOK also manufactures replaceable accessories goes to show you how committed they are to keeping their customers happy and taken care of. Beyond the performance, the style, the power, and many features, one could not go wrong with this device.

Build Quality/Aesthetic Design

The SMOK Baby Beast Kit is stylish and durable, and provides multiple functionalities, although there are always many opinions in the vaping world. Just know that the creation of this device is top-notch!

And the aesthetic value is priceless! It is nicely compact and stylish so that you can boast to your friends or hide it comfortably in your pocket. Who would have ever thought that a vaping kit could be this stylish and fashionable? SMOK makes it possible with this device.

Tiny Monster Comes With

blue v8 beast
One TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank
  • One 0.15ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Core
  • One 0.25ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Core
  • One MicroUSB Cable
  • Spare Parts and O-Rings
  • Instructional Manual

These SMOK devices are compact and lightweight, despite its small size, this device will give you all the power you need. Therefore as soon as you incorporate this device into your daily routine, you will realize what a vast difference something so powerful yet so compact can make in your daily routine.

It will provide exceptional performance and lasting functionality, the kind that makes you think to yourself “hell yeah”!.


gross smoker guy
Where Is the Ashtray

It is a Safe Alternative

Cigarette smoking poses severe dangers to your health on so many levels. I can thank smoking for my asthma, my COPD, and my sleep apnea, and who knows how many years my 30-year cigarette smoking habit has taken off my life.


Vaping is an excellent alternative, and this device won’t disappoint you. Made from the finest materials, it is of high quality. It is convenient to use and pose fewer risks than traditional smoking.


It is a long-lasting and reliable device from a fantastic brand. Top-notch features and plenty of power and great style, you will get everything out of it you may be hoping for in your starter kit. It is affordable, experts-recommended, and useful in helping people who are beginners in the vape world. There are easy-to-follow instructions included that can guide you throughout the processes you will need to know.



In case this is your first vaping starter kit. I know I was confused when I first started. Sometimes knowing where to fill the eLiquid can become a question when you are beginning. Your instructions that come with your kit will explain everything you will need to know about your device, and it gives you detailed instructions, along with giving you diagrams to make things even more comfortable.


I hope I gave this starter kit the justice it deserves! If you are looking for something compact that will conveniently fit into your pocket or purse but is also powerful, then this is your new device. Just know I haven’t met a starter kit I didn’t love, and I will share more on these starter kits in the future so come back every week and see what might be vaping!


If you have any questions or comments, please place them below, and I promise to get back to you!


Thank you and take care of yourself!




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  1. This is really cool. I am a smoker and been smoking cigarettes for over 5 years, but now I am trying to make a change and stop. I have seen the effects it has on my life and the people around me. I don’t have the energy and stamina I had years ago and it seems like i am running through a pack of cigarettes a day. Just addictive and a waste of money. So I am looking for an alternative which is why I am glad I came across your article. This is exactly what I was looking for. I am definitely going to check the Smok Baby out and share this review on my Facebook page. Great review, very helpful.  

    1. Hi Garrett,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. Take from me you are going to thank yourself big time if you quit smoking! I know I did many, many years ago. I will include an online vape store link that I trust and have used a few times, and they have fantastic prices on their starter kits.
      Thanks again

      Cheers and take care of yourself

      John Adkins

  2. This is a new brand for me, I had not heard of the SMOK Baby Beast Kit either. It was a great review by you and I sure know about it now. I like the look and design of the kit, it looks really cool, and Purple is my favorite color too. This is a perfect gift I think and I have added it to my list of items for the coming gifting season.

    I like that on top of the smart design and colors, they also offer replacement parts for their vape kits. That is not the case with some of the vape kits I have gifted in the past, much to my chagrin and also for the people that have received the kits from me.

    Especially for the smokers in my friend list, I like giving this kind of a starter kit as a gift to encourage them to quit the smoking of cigarettes, which we all know are so harmful. There are studies that have shown just how much less harmful vaping is, and if I can get one to two to switch I am quite happy.

    Thanks for the review and information, I am quite sure I will try out the SMOK Baby Beast Kit myself and then get some more for friends. The price is right the design nice, replacement parts are available, and it has a good name in the market. What is not to like? 

    1. Hello Dave,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. Thank as for liking my article I get so nervous after I publish an article; I don’t know if I should admit that in response but oh well.

      You know you can always let me know when you try the baby beast. I will attach a link to an online retailer who has helped me out a few times! Great prices!

      Thanks again, and take care!


  3. LOVE IT HAVE IT. This helped my wife and I quit smoking for good ! This is amazing! Vaping still is not good for you however but smoking inst either… so happy they made an alternative for people. I see the elderly vaping as well and people that have smoked for years try something new. Good product!

    1. Hi Trevor,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! Yes, studies have shown that vaping could harm you by possibly causing popcorn lung or bronchitis, and some studies suggest it could cause teeth and gum damage.

      I would be here all day to list what smoking causes. What I can testify to is the COPD, the sleep apnea, and asthma, which I have because of smoking for 30 years, according to my doctors. I sleep with a mask over my face; I have to hit three different inhalers to get threw my days. 

      Thanks again and take care,


  4. Smok, so that’s the brand! I’ve seen a lot of people holding the tube type of vape mod and I was wondering what kind it is. I’m using a box mod which is bulky and heavy, I think it’s best I get Smok since its lightweight and I can bring to events easier too. Out of curiosity, is it a double coil or single?

    1. Hi Riaz,

      It’s nice to see you back again! Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! The SMOK Baby Beast does come with the SMOK TFv8 which is a dual coil, and you can get TFv8 baby replacement coils for just $4.99.

      At $39.99, the SMOK Baby Beast Kit is the deal of the century. If you get one, I would love to hear your opinion on the vaping experience.

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