Tips for Choosing the Right E-Cig E-cigs are popular for

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Tips for Choosing the Right E-Cig

E-cigs are famous for encouraging cigarette smokers to quit smoking. However, we cannot always rely on this simple reason to replace e-cigarettes with conventional tobacco. You will always find it challenging to choose the right type of e-cig whenever you plan to quit smoking. It is because the vaping market offers so many choices, and you are not familiar with all the e-cigs offered by several brands in the market.

So, I have attempted to make it simple for you to choose the best e-cig. You need to consider various components of an e-cig, which play a vital role in enhancing your vaping experience. Here are some of the tips you might find useful for choosing:

Shape and Style

Do you like beautiful things? Do you want to own things that draw the attention of those around you? Do you like to be the one everyone says is stylish in everything that you do? If you consider these aspects, then you should also keep the style of e-cigs before buying one.

E-cigs come in different styles, shapes and, textures ranging from brush metal to rubber based and even leather. I haven’t owned an e-cig that I didn’t love the feel of it in my hand. I like how the rubber feels, but if I go out, it’s the brush stainless steel. Also, my preference is the pen style I like the slim shape and form

One can get starter kits so cheaply that it would be easy to have an at-home vapor and a more beautiful go out SMOK starter kit, Like me!

eGo vape pen
eGo Vapor Starter Kit!

All I can say is I went cheap once and later realized I was embarrassed to be seen with it!

Vapor Level

The amount of vapor is the vapor level or throat hit that is produced by the power source given by the batteries. If you are looking for a good throat hit, then you will want to choose an e-cig or box mod with temperature and wattage control.

I recommend that if you’re starting, you should begin with a starter kit. They don’t have the power of one of the box mods, but they work great not to mention cheaper. More energy is excellent, but it can choke a newbie and why spend all that money before you need it.

Therefore, if you need a smooth vaping experience, then select a starter kit from a reputable brand like eGo EVOD or SMOK. You can always switch from a starter kit to a high-powered Box Mod.

So, first, try a vapor starter kit or a disposable e-cig and then decide your Power needs. I tried mods, but frankly, I prefer the style and shape of my Vision Spinner, I have them in many colors.

E-juice flavor?

ejuice bundle
EJuice Bundle

E-cigs work because of flavored liquids called E-juice or E-liquid. Which thinks to a heating coil and a power source produce the vapors. Therefore, your next big decision after buying your starter kit or super-powered box mod is to find an e-juice flavor that you will find enjoyable.

Therefore, picking flavors are an essential part of vaping.   Accordingly, you must choose a character that tastes good to you. Most of the brands offer tobacco, chocolate, and coffee flavors to satisfy your cravings.

The most extensive variety would be your fruit and dessert-based e-juices. Peach Apple happens to be in one of my Vision Spinners and some crazy mint thing in the other, but I have found for me the mint-based e-liquid’s need to be vaped at a lower power level in my case, or it can choke me. That may not be the case for everyone; maybe I am just a wuss.

You can choose from a range of different flavors available to see which one fits. I am a bargain shopper, especially when it comes to e-liquid. I mean I have ten e-juices that I haven’t even unwrapped from the shipping material because when I see a cheap sale price or my favorite a bundle of e-juice, then I must buy.

Remember to be sure always to buy flavors from a reliable brand so that you get the ultimate taste and quality. Most important never pay retail unless the sales and bundles are unappealing.

Nicotine Level?

Choosing the right nicotine level that is by your needs is always a good idea. It helps you to develop your taste for e-cigs. If you are an average smoker, then you should find an e-juice with 26 mg nicotine level. However, if you are a heavy smoker, then you can increase the nicotine level according to your needs.

nic chart
How to choose your Nicotine Level!

Although I am not that high, and I was a pack and a half a day smoker. I honestly can recall what my current group of juices, but I do know it was in the teens. I would stay away from 26mg I can help. Try something lower and work your way up or down depending on how your body reacts. I started to lower my nicotine; this nicotine addiction might have me by its teeth, but I like to think I give it some trouble by lessening my nicotine levels.


E-cigs are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Although nicotine is an addictive drug and it is no food. They help me quit smoking cigarettes when nothing else would. You will develop a taste for flavored vapors to satisfy your cravings for cigarettes. However, you need to review your style and feelings so that your Vaping is all that you want it to be.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post and thank you for leaving a comment to let me know how I am doing.

John Michael Adkins





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  1. I never thought vaping could become this complicated. I mean, there are flavored juices to choose from. Myriad of choices have been there since vaping become popular. It helps people to quit bad habit of smoking actual tobacco in their cugarette. The right e-cig flavored juice you use can either make or break your experience. So choose wisely!

    1. And with a new box mod coming out daily and new flavors showing up in bundles every day keeps it complicated. Vaping helped me quit a 30-year cigarette habit which is how I know it can help others. I am hoping I break it down so it is not so complicated. Thank you for reading my article and for leaving a comment, comments often inspire my next article.

  2. Hi John 

    I can imagine for an e-cigarette smoker the choice of what to buy and what you can use, seems to be a mindfield with so many suppliers and flavours that can be chosen.  Your article was very insightful, providing the novice with the tools to make a bigger choice of what e-cigarette to buy.     I think that e-cigs are very important in getting a person to quit smoking, as long as you do not become dependant on e-cigs themselves.

    Thank you for this article 


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. I completely understand about having so many options both with the hardware and the E juices or e-Liquids whichever you prefer to call them. That is why, in a lot of my articles, I advise people to think about what your spending, always shop online, always start with an inexpensive starter kit. 

      I like to point out when buying e-juice to look for the sales, the discounted and most of all the bundle deals! Often I get a bundle of five 10ml bottles of different flavors for the same price the sites selling a single container.

      Again thank you

      Cheers and Take Care

  3. My father recently bought an e-cig and I am thinking about purchasing one as well. However, I don’t really think that they are meant to help you quit smoking. I also have friends who are smoking way more since they bought their e-cig.

    Also, studies have shown that they are just as bad as regular cigarettes, plus they could explode in your pocket 😛

    Thank you for the tips anyway 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! I am sorry to hear about your friends. I can only write about my experience. How after smoking 30 years, I woke up with asthma, COPD, sleep apnea all caused by smoking according to my doctors.

      I had to quit smoking, and I have tried everything, patches, gum, and even those nasty tasting mint things. It was not easy by no means, but I needed to quit, and I need help. Nicotine withdrawal is one of the toughest things to quit smoking. Vaping allows you to no go through nicotine withdrawal, and I am sure that is how I was able to quit smoking cigarettes.

      I can only say you have to be motivated to stop, and my motivation was being able to breathe every morning.

  4. This is a great getting started guide that I wished I had access to when I first tried the vaping gig. I wanted to cut down on the cigarettes and vaping became the rage a few years ago so I decided that I needed to get on the train as well and save my lungs a bit.

    At that time, there was a variety of equipment but most of it was not that good of quality. There were some Chinese marketers pushing their cheap models that did not last long. The juice was also of questionable quality and it was overpriced.

    Over time, as more vendors have started to offer the vaping kits, the quality has come up a lot, as has the juice quality that you can get. Meanwhile, the Government has banned vaping kit and supply sales, so it has become more expensive (but still is available). I do understand the concern, there was a period when a lot of young kids started vaping because it was cool.

    I have been reading through some of your other posts and have left some comments, as I am moving up to a box vape kit and want to have the ability to control the wattage and the temperature. I will also play a bit with the juice and nicotine mix to see if I can drop my totals consumed in a day. 

    1. Hey Dave,

      I am glad to see you back! Thank you for reading and commenting on my articles. You do have me thinking about mixing my ejuice. I don’t know if I will it will have to depend on the cost. But If I research it, I might as well write about my research experience. I will credit you in the article.

      I have written most of my articles on multiple products, but I think I will move more toward one product. Maybe two products and make it an A vs. B theme.

      Again, thank you, Dave!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!


  5. Hi, John.
    Thanks for throwing the light on choosing correct E-Cig for personal use.
    Though I am a nonsmoker but interested to read your articles as one of my close friends is a chain smoker and deep down he wishes to quit smoking but not having enough will power.
    I think if he switches over to E-Cig, his problem might be resolved. As you suggested I would love to purchase a starter kit with medium power. What do you say?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hello Gauray,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article. That is great that you are willing to help a friend off the nasty habit of cigarette smoking. That addiction had a hold on me for 30 years, and I will feel the effects for the rest of my life.

      I have some cheap eGo vapor starters; I would be willing to ship you a cou[le contact me, my email is below. Or you can purchase one they are only 5.99 on almost every site I have visited.

      I will review many more starter kits soon.

      Again, Thank you!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!

      John Adkins

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