Unregulated Box Mod Kit- For More Power



Unregulated Box Mod Kit- For More Power

If you want to have a stable and pleasing vape with crazy coil builds, then go for an unlimited box mod kit. Unregulated devices come in various shapes and sizes, but the most popular are unregulated box mods because of the advantages over pen and tube mods.

The vaping community is turning to unregulated box mods because of their exquisite performance, and at the same time, they are a cost-effective and lucrative investment.

With this type of box mod, you are directly vaping through your tank by using batteries without any regulation of current and voltage.

Each hit of vape you take may vary because of no regulation, and it consumes power based on the preset coil resistance. Because these are easy to wire, these can be easily customized for each user’s specifications.

Building one’s coils are starting to be a vaping pastime; you can buy coil building kits on almost every vaping website.

Dude Super CloudLarge Clouds and Sub-Ohm Vaping

Do you want massive clouds of vapor? Then unregulated mods are the way to go! With these mods, you can go for sub-ohm vape at any level. You can utilize low resistance coils that are less than one ohm.

Along with more giant warm clouds, you get intense flavor with unrestricted air flow that goes with a direct lung inhale. The denser cloud which is flooded with more vape juice, do to higher heat, gives it a more robust flavor.

Unregulated Vapor Consistency

Because it doesn’t have a regulation circuit chip as in the case of the regulated box mod, each hit will not always be the same. Here is the area where battery plays its part; a fully charged battery would give you an enormous it hit contrast to a puff with a low battery.

The power flow is not regulated, and the mod increases the potential voltage and wattage of a vaping box. So if you have three batteries you are going to get 100% of their power; hence full battery cells with have more power than low batteries.

One should know it is much easier to burn up coils when the mod is unregulated. In case you vape with the unregulated box mods, and you should always be careful with battery safety. Although with these mods one can vape until the battery has fully drained.

But this is never a recommended approach because in such case the acid would start leaking and ultimately it would explode.

coil black background
Vaping atomizer with Clapton coil. Black background

You can keep a multimeter with you for measuring the recommended minimum volts of 3.5. Instead of works more like a mechanical mod where the mod gets vapor as you vape.

Which one is better? Is it regulated or Unregulated?

Well, it depends on how you vape and what you prefer? If you’re sure you can take all the safety precautions of an unregulated device, then you can blow massive clouds. It allows you to vape every coil you build with the lowest of the resistance.

Because it doesn’t regulate the voltage and the wattage make sure you have multi-meter and an ohm reader inside your toolkit to ensure safe vaping while protecting the battery.

Regulated mods have a chip that prevents you from needing these extra tools, but once you to unregulated you don’t go back, at least that’s the way it goes with my friends and their friends. Once you find the cloud, you can’t go back!

The Bottom Line

coil building kit-coil master
Coil Master DIY coil building kit

If you and your friends are looking for a variety in their vaping experience, you can give it a shot. You would love the promising heavy clouds with improved power levels. Although you don’t necessarily have to modify the coil for the power to operate unregulated mods this provision is just for vaping gurus. You can have an extended battery life by arranging them in parallel; it can run at a low voltage of 4.2, and this allows you to get more amperes.

I am wrapping it up!

Well, I hope that if you have been on the fence about Unregulated Box Mod Kit for more power, this article might have helped you make up your mind. I mean you have to admit it would be pretty cool to build your coils. It makes your mode unique, made that way by you! Not to mention the massive clouds you would produce freaking your neighbors out with each cloud you head their way!

Please tell your thoughts and comments below.

Thank You and take care of yourself!





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