What do you need to know about Box Mods?



What do you need to know about Box Mods?

Before purchasing a box mode, it is essential to know about it. The world of vaping usually begins with low-powered and small pen-shaped e-cigarettes — the emphasized mods, which resembling cigarettes. Lucky for you, the vaping world knows this. Therefore you will always find detailed reports on all vaping products to help you make the best box mod for you.

In simple words, Box Mods are vaping devices in the box shapes. They are different from the pen-style, which are considered traditional vaping devices. New vape mods are quite complex – including circuit boards and large screens – allowing a wide variety of functions. Oh, and they have out of this world power!

Characteristics of Box Mods

If you have to say one advantage of the pen-style vaping device over a box mod, it is just the discreetness and size. Nonetheless, many vape users, today, are preferring the advantages of a vape box – redblacksilverbomodirrespective of their irregular and large size. A vape mod does not have more flexibility than a cylinder device. However, the box-shaped vapes provide various features, which pen mods cannot offer. Let us take a look at them! The vape mods have much more power over their counterparts the pen-style e-cigarette. This extra power gives you denser clouds. Therefore you will have more control over your clouds.

Better Control

Box mods come with advanced circuit boards, which give you the ability to control or manage settings. The purpose is to make the vaping device work reliably for you – that is according to your needs. This control allows you to change your wattage to your mood. One could blow it out with 280 watts or keep it casual at 175 watts to maybe 235watts. Whatever you what you get with the box mod you choose. Control is just a click or two away from your power needs

Better cloud production

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Box mods have increased performance and wattage. Each device has also escalated the manufacture of such devices. For example, the more significant clouds are one of the best features of the box mode vape devices. The higher the power, the denser, and more substantial the cloud.

Previously, pen devices were famous for their minimal vapor production. They were also renowned for their low wattage. But, today, sub-ohm box mods reach 300w wattages. They are also capable of producing clouds, which fill your room in two vape hits. Also, box mods are considered perfect for cloud chasers.

Longer battery life

Box mods come with sophisticated internal spaces. What does this mean? Well, put, you can include more batteries. A regulated box mod usually accepts 1 or 2 batteries cells, whereas a larger box mod can accept four batteries, but most are two batteries. More battery power means more excellent wattage capability and long life of the vape device.

More Features of a Box Mod

For many years, the chipsets controlling box mods have advanced considerably. Nowadays, commercial mods and e-cigarettes provide advanced control features, which include:

Temperature Control – Box mods such as the regulated ones allow for wattage and temperature control. You need only to change the setting. This control feature will enable users to enjoy a wide variety of vaping experiences. The temperature control feature of the box mod allows you to increase or decrease the power of the device during the usage.Tesla Punk

Safety Feature Regulated box mods come with an internal regulation system, which makes sure that your vaping device does not misfire. On the other hand, when it comes to the mechanical box mods, the atomizer receives a raw battery voltage without a specified resistance level. As long as you stick with the regulated devices, you need not worry about the warnings of unregulated devices.

Furthermore, when you use an unregulated box mod, the safety feature might be compromised. Because it has a low ohm coil, which combined with a non-compatible battery. One thing is for sure you will run through coils much faster with an unregulated box mod compared to a regulated device

The difference is that with an unregulated box is that the power isn’t regulated, so you get the full force of your batteries very hit. I always say someone should have a good bit of vaping history before going with an unregulated box mod.

In conclusion

Vape lovers widely use box mods because of their unique and sophisticated features. Oh and their “Vape The World Power” Remember, you need to choose a box mod that fits your needs and expectations.  Always read the description, spec sheet, and features list provided, which, every online website offers. Plus there is post on the best box mods. It doesn’t cover everything, but it is a good start.

If you want more power go with a box mod! Now is time for your questions and comments below:

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