What is vaping- what makes it happen?

lady vapingWhat is vaping- what makes it happen?

Well for the newbies that are unaware of this fantastic smoky gizmo let’s start with what it is, vaping. So what is vaping? What makes it happen?

Vaping is the practice of inhaling and exhaling vapors that are produced by electronic cigarettes or similar vaping devices called box mods. It is often termed as an e-cigarette, but it is entirely different from traditional tobacco cigarettes containing shredded tobacco in a paper tube with a filter at one end.

With the word “Cigarette” in the e-cigarette, a lot of people get confused and assume that it is a high-tech version of a traditional cigarette.

But the inventors have used this word to give a hint to buyers that it gives you the same sensation of a cigarette. These vaping devices were made to replace traditional cigarettes and are recommended for the chain smokers who want to get rid of his or her smoking habit.

I smoked for 30 years and after trying everything, the patches, the Rx to stop smoking, the gum, and even those nasty mint things. But after facing failure time and again I discovered vaping and it saved my life!

Vaping does have some concerns, and I will get into those below.

How does Vaping work?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, which involve burning of tobacco leaves, the e-cigarette or a vape neither has tobacco, and it doesn’t include burning of any substance. Instead of smoke, you puff vaporvaping pen diagram clouds that are produced from a liquid plant matter or extracts.

A vaporizer or a vape consists of a battery, central console or housing, cartridges, and atomizer also called cartomizer. The liquid or e-juice, stored in a tank, is turned into a vapor by a heating element called a coil inside the device.

The heat is way gentle as compared with the traditional cigarette burning, and because of this, there’s a limit to the harmful chemicals that are produced. Below is a definition I found of vaping:

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling mist, often referred to as vapor, which is produced by an e-cigarette or a similar device. The e-liquid in vaporizer products usually contains propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin-based liquid with nicotine, flavoring, and other chemicals and metals, but not tobacco.

What am I vaping

There’re a lot of misconceptions and inaccurate beliefs about the liquid; some say it’s a harmful oil or it contains tobacco etc.

But in reality, the liquid contained in the liquid cartridge is made by vegetable glycerin, polyethylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine — polyethylene glycol which are included in many consumer products approved by the FDA.

Not to mention these e-Liquids come in over 7,700 flavors, with new flavors being developed every day. Of course, this can be a dilemma because you may find yourself wanting to try them all.

mod diagramIt’s Getting Hot In Here

The cartomizer contains the coils that heat up to vaporize the liquid. Alongside there is a wick that carries the juice from the tank to the coil, and obviously, air intake is there through the atomizer. At the tip, there is a mouthpiece from where you can do the vaping.

The general term atomizer is used to describe any device that transforms the liquid into the mist. In the vaping world, it is the component of your device that is responsible for heating your vape juice to create the smokable vapor — atomizers (precisely, the heating coils within the atomizer) which is measured in ohms.

Where is the Power

There are a lot of models and brands out there in the market, but all are somewhat similar in terms of their working and the sensation of vapor you get. A rechargeable battery is connected to supply power plugged into your wall outlet. Some advanced models of Box Mods have removable batteries.

So we have devices with both fixed batteries and removal batteries. I have always been happy with either. With removal batteries, you don’t have to plug the device with the charger; instead, you can replace the batteries and recharge the flat ones. With a fixed battery, you use a USB charger and plug it into your computer or wall outlet.

Special Functions To  Play With

Advance vapes have an LED screen that shows the settings along with battery usage. You can also adjust how much power is sent to the coil. Temperature control in vape mods is a technologicaleleaf mods solution for dry and burnt hits.

It also creates a consistent vape while taking longer drags because the temp stays the same instead of getting hotter. The user chooses the temperature limit. The power sent to the coil then automatically adjusts to keep the coil, and your vape, at the selected temperature.

This prevents dry or burnt hits!

Then there is a battery usages function shows you the charge of your battery to ensure you don’t ever get caught with a dead battery.

Warning Nicotine is Addictive

Nicotine is an addictive chemical and is the reason tobacco smoking is so difficult to quit. When purchasing your ejuice, the e-liquid you will turn into vapor, you will choose which level of nicotine you desire. It’s important to know that you are allowed to pick zero nicotine.

As found by a study published in the Journal of Tobacco Control in 2013: the harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes occurred at levels 9 to 450 times lower than that of regular cigarette smoke. 

Cigarette ButtsI will not bore with a long medical report. Just know that there have reports suspecting the act of vaping could cause “popcorn lung” or bronchitis. I wonder why they give an unusual name and not just call it bronchitis?

I also read that vaping is suspected to possibly cause teeth and gum damage due to depleting the oxygen levels in the mouth. Of course, if I would have known about e-cigarettes sooner, I might not have sleep apnea, asthma, and COPD from 30-year smoking addiction. And I wouldn’t have to spend the rest of my life worry about cancer.


So we covered the basics of what is vaping and what makes vaping happen. We also include health warnings and how vaping is much safer if compared to tobacco smoking cigarettes. And how vaping helped me quit a 30-year cigarette smoking habit.

Thank you for reading my article, and as always I welcome your comments below.

Thanks again and take care of yourself!

John Adkins




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  1. Wow great post on vaping! Personally I think vaping is a great alternative to smoking. If it allows the smoker to quit then absolutely. I think vaping would be easier to quit than smoking. The advanced vapes with LED screens are really awesome. That there are different nicotine levels is a pretty brilliant concept and could allow someone to wean off more effectively. I appreciate how you explained the cartomizer anatomy. I’ll save your post so that I can check out what else you have in store, well done!

    1. Hi Pentrental,

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Your right, some of these new mods are so high tech. I sometimes wonder if my photos give them justice. I would make them larger, except they start to affect the text. I learned that the hard way, and recently to top it off. 

      I hope you will read more of the articles. I would look forward to your comments. From your comments, I am not sure if you vape or not. Do you vape? If you find yourself shopping new vaping hard feel free to let me know and I’ll help with the research and write a review.

      Thanks again!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!



  2. Great Article!
    Didn’t know that there could be such alternatives to those “cures” for smoking.
    You might’ve just saved a few lives from the so called *popcorn lungs*

    Waiting to read more solutions to addictions and stuff.


  3. Even though vaping does have its risks, it is definitely a whole lot better for you than smoking traditional cigarettes. I am sure there are many, just like yourself that have managed to give up cigarettes and vape instead, but the problem is will you ever give up vaping, or is that the new addiction?

    I never knew that you could set the nicotine levels to zero, and I know that the nicotine in cigarettes is the hardest part of giving up smoking.

    It’s wonderful to know that in this day and age there are healthier alternatives, but I still think if possible, giving up altogether is the best bet. At least vaping allows one to wean oneself slowly off cigarettes.

    1. Hi Michel,

      I agree with you, and one is going to be able to wean off the nicotine much more comfortable with vaping. Since, as you mentioned, you can slowly reduce the nicotine levels to zero.

      I share my story of quitting cigarettes. Bye using vaping is because I tried every conventional method to quit smoking, and none of them worked. If someone is out there and has tried everything else, I think it is important that my message gets to them. They need to know there is hope in vaping.

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article!

      Cheers and take care of yourself,



  4. Hi John,

      I’m a smoker for years. I do really want to stop smoking. I believe that vaping can help me to success it.   

    The amazing for me is that e-liquid that will turn into steam, gives me the capability to choose what nicotine level you want and I have the option of selecting zero nicotine. Of course, there may be some side effects, but in no case will the side effects of tobacco smoke come into effect.

      Thanks for your really useful information about vaping,


    1. Hey!

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! That would be wonderful if you stopped smoking. Trust me you don’t want to go 30 years as I did. I would suggest you look into an eGo twist Vision Spinner. It’s a starter kit, so it’s cheap, but it also allows you to control the voltage with a controller wheel at the bottom.

      Thanks again!

      Cheers, and take care of yourself!



  5. Excellent article you have written up here about vaping and I did found it very interesting to read. Firstly, I totally agree that vaping is a way much more better option compared to smoking. I was an addict smoker before and just like you, I failed at several attempts at quitting until I got a hold of Vape pen and that has helped me a lot. I love the fact that it has multiple flavors. At least, my wife doesn’t cover her nose whenever I am talking to her again. I’m glad about that. Vaping is the new cool bruv

    1. Hi RoDarrick,

      Thank you again for reading and commenting on my article. It is always good to hear from an ex-smoker who quit thanks to vaping, just like did. I so agree with you about all the nasty smells that came with smoking. Thank God those smells are gone!

      Right now, my breath smells like the banana split! haha

      Thanks again and take care of yourself!



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