Why you should start vaping Medical Cannabis

Why you should start vaping Medical Cannabis

Vaping has become popular in recent years so that even smokers with more experience with marijuana have switched to vaping. Vaporizers have many benefits in contrast to smoking rolling tobacco. It is becoming more popular as a way to use Cannabis.

There is a lot of potential in the cannabis plant itself – particularly the high CBD content or component. We can’t ignore the medicinal properties of cannabis. The medical properties are the reason many countries, including the United States, in different states, have legalized its use for therapeutic purposes. Here are some reasons why you should consider using vaporizers instead of smoking Cannabis.

Smoking Is Dangerous

Smoking is dangerous and harmful to the health and respiratory system. We are not going to talk about the danger of smoking cigarettes (which contain thousands of toxic chemicals). When it comes tostop smoking smoking Cannabis, opinions are divided even in scientific circles.

Some scientists say that smoking cannabis is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes, Although while others have shown that in the long term cannabis smoking does not have an impact on the lungs. Either way, whenever it comes to smoke, there is tar, carbon dioxide, and other harmful substances which we all want to avoid.

Due to combustion, more than a hundred substances are being released into the air with some toxins. These are the reasons why a growing number of users choose to vaporize instead of smoking. If you put medical cannabis in your vaporizer, the device produces steam by heating the base material.

The Vaping Process

CBDVAPEThe result is steam-rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, which you can enjoy without worrying about the damage to the lungs. Cannabis is a very aromatic herb thanks to substances known as terpenes. Even classes that have high CBD content have a unique smell very recognizable, especially when it evaporates.

Vaporizers also produce a smell, but it is challenging to notice compared to joints and rolling cigarettes. It takes hours until the odor dissipates from smoked marijuana inside a room. Meanwhile, it takes no more than ten minutes for the aromatic or scented vapor to disappear from the closed room of your home or office.

Because the vapor dissipates into the air much faster than smoking, vaporizing is an experience that does not involve strong odors; it is perfect for use in public places. In the long term, vaping is an efficient way to save money and cannabis in turn. Yes, the liquid cartridges to vaporize are not cheap, but they will be worth it in a matter of months.

Vaping More Efficient

When vaping, you will use less Cannabis for a dose to be effective. Depending on the vaporizer itself, the cavity can store at least 0.2, which is less than what you need to roll a joint. Also, while med potsmoking a joint, cannabis burns much faster, wasting our precious medicine to do nothing.

On the other hand, the vaporizer will make most of your Cannabis effective at producing steam without burning anything. You get all the benefits without wasting anything by burning your product. In general, vaping medical cannabis is a more pleasant, healthier, and more effective way to consume your medicine without damaging your body and your health in general. Although it may seem like a significant investment at first, when your health is in doubt, all the money is worth it.

Inoperable Brain Tumor

It was about a year, maybe a year in a half that I watched my uncle die of an inoperable brain tumor. I was pretty young and never wanted to go. I was a kid and sitting in the dimly lit trailer watching bad TV. Besides, it always stunk of burnt joints of cannabis!

3 leavesA bright light would make him fall to the floor in pain; he said it was someone slowly pushing needles in and out and in and out. Medical marijuana was not legal like it is today, but he got some allowance due to the pain.

He uses to say that he would rather they put him out of his misery, but that’s frowned upon I guess. But human suffering and pain are profitable!

Day after day, he would have to bear that pain of this tumor, which was like a person’s worst migraine x10, twenty-four seven. But smoking made moments bearable for him, to sometimes watch this black and white tv set. The programs were horrible, and it came with its static nose. I remember the tension and the big clouds in a small room.

Wrapping Things Up

Every day they seem to find more and more medical reasons cannabis is a necessary medical instrument to what fight medical issues with the mind and body. And it’s even healthier if vaped rather than smokes, due to the toxins and carbon dioxide caused by smoking a rolled cigarette. And there was my beautiful ride down memory lane. Take at how cheaply you can get started with a vapor starter kit!

Vape to better health, leave any questions and comments below:

Thank you and take care of yourself!





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  1. It is so true that vaping is much better than smoking. My uncle is vaping medical cannabis to ease his migraine. He likes vaping. He finds that vaping is more effective and leaves no strong odor.

    Thank you for sharing the information. Many people who are taking medical cannabis will be aware that vaping is better for them.

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article! I am sorry to hear about your uncle. You should give your uncle this website if he doesn’t already have it. It’s called Leafly. 


      Thanks again and take care of yourself


  2. Vaping is always a better choice compared to smoking. Thanks for sharing the experience you had with your uncle and I’m sorry to know about his death. However, I was also an ardent smoker too until I came about vaping and that has been much of a better option to me. I like gaping a lot because it is more beneficial than smoking especially with the CBD oil juice that I take, it helps with my anxiety and sleeplessness. Great post.

    1. Hi RoDarrrick

      Welcome back, I love it when I see someone return to hear what I have to say. It’s great that you also quit smoking by using vapor. With thirty-four million smokers alone there are a lot of people to reach

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